PASSION: Education is more than our business; it’s our passion.
We specialize in delivering high quality, consultative, results-driven training to organizations and individuals across Africa. We provide a breadth of exceptional training services delivered by subject matter experts who are also training professionals.
EXPERIENCE: Client-focused, proven training solutions
SDGC has access to a large team of training consultants, spanning almost every aspect of business and management. The consultants are extremely professional and highly qualified, with backgrounds in just about every industry. Many of them have extensive experience working in different parts of the world, and bring to the training courses a wealth of knowledge. Their expertise enables us to provide training in the latest theories of business management, blended with practical case studies based on their own experience.

OUR BELIEVE: Transform your team by a “learn-it-all” culture
At SDGC we believe that becoming a “learn-it-all” is essential to your personal and professional outcome and our core values hold every trainee to the highest possible standards and accountability. Send us your employees and we’ll send you back new ones.