Success Drives Global Consult Ltd (SDGC) is a dynamic firm of seasoned professionals that focuses on human capacity and enterprise development – helping individuals to attain professionalism and businesses to achieve high sustainable performance. We deliver creative innovation and insights to our clients and help them improve their system and processes. We are reputable for the development and delivery of innovative business solution – we are committed to your SUCCESS.

At SDGC, we approach projects with enthusiasm, a love of challenge and a proven capacity to deliver results. We place a great value on ethical business practices, social consciousness, and a respect for others in all areas of life. The conduct of our business reflects these values.

Our own idea of rendering professional services is to grow with client and be the best friend to call in the time of need. We take interest in the business survival of our clients and have been able to develop personalized services to suit the need of our selected clients.

We are a team of talented, creative and client oriented professionals dedicated to the task of helping clients manage their organizational, information flow, strategy and human resources more effectively. We provide a wide range of business solution that ensures the integration of technology with key business functions. We understand the relationship between an organization’s information flow, strategy, structure and the various management systems and so we are able to provide solutions that are both practicable and profitable.

Our experienced, excellent and highly motivated team, along with assurance of exceptional customer service for both our clients and their customers contribute to the overall successful program execution, which we take pride in providing each and every client with whom we work.

SDGC is driven by a passion for success and seeks to, in strategic partnership with our customers, deliver professional training and business solutions for optimal business growth.

To become Africa one stop business solution hub – offering business solution in the area of WEB SOLUTION, DIGITAL MARKETING, BUSINESS STRATEGY and CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT.

  • Solution

We pride ourselves with capability to provide effective and efficient business solution

  • Result-Driven

Above all, results are what we strive for! We always work to meet or exceed your expectation and business objectives.

  • On-time, on-target and on-budget

Whenever we accept and commit to a project, we always finish it, as and per your brief.

  • Full-service

We pride ourselves in being able to offer all the services you need to achieve your business development objectives. It is like starting at point one and taking it all the way.

  • Flexible

We can always adapt to your needs, as the project evolves and as deadlines change.

  • Honesty & Dedication

We believe honesty and dedication should always be the best policy in business.

  • With You

Our aim is to be a natural extension of your sales and marketing team; we enjoy being involved in the decision-making process and we love working closely with your team.

Why Choose Us?

PASSION: Education is more than our business; it’s our passion.
We specialize in delivering high quality, consultative, results-driven training to organizations and individuals across Africa. We provide a breadth of exceptional training services delivered by subject matter experts who are also training professionals.
EXPERIENCE: Client-focused, proven training solutions
SDGC has access to a large team of training consultants, spanning almost every aspect of business and management. The consultants are extremely professional and highly qualified, with backgrounds in just about every industry. Many of them have extensive experience working in different parts of the world, and bring to the training courses a wealth of knowledge. Their expertise enables us to provide training in the latest theories of business management, blended with practical case studies based on their own experience.

OUR BELIEVE: Transform your team by a “learn-it-all” culture
At SDGC we believe that becoming a “learn-it-all” is essential to your personal and professional outcome and our core values hold every trainee to the highest possible standards and accountability. Send us your employees and we’ll send you back new ones.