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October 23, 2017
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This program is designed to help participant learn and acquire skills and tools to become experts in all aspects of retail sales which include everything from customer service to professionalism in retail and sales, knowledge and experience in inventory and merchandise management and store appearance.

Every time you enter a retail store, your shopping experience has been extensively planned, from the items you see for sale to the layout and design of the store. Many times these decisions are made by someone working in retail operations, or the area of retail concerned with the day-to-day functions of stores.

The aim of the course is to introduce participant to the retail strategies and tactics that make a successful retail operation. Participant will learn the consumer buyer process, supply chain management, negotiation and how to manage staff effectively.

Processes such as retail buying, transportation and distribution, location and store design are considered. After successful completion participant will be able to integrate theory and practice and better manage various retail functions and operations. Areas also covered include store operations, merchandising, marketing, advertising and promotions, customer relations, managing people, inventory control, finance, and supply chain; as well as how to grow the business.



After this customer service training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe and evaluate the key factors of retail operations management.
  • Explain the management processes behind the stages of retail operations
  • Compare and contrast the various tactical approaches of different retailers.
  • Conduct research via a variety of methods used in retail management.
  • Explain why customer service is so important in retailing.
  • Describe the various customer services that a retailer can offer.
  • Explain how a retailer should determine which services to offer.
  • Describe the retail selling process.
  • Understand the importance of a customer service audit.
  • Recognize what ‘customer service excellence’ really means – to you and your customers
  • Understand the logic behind spending more on valuable customers, rather than “one-size-fits-all” marketing


Retail Management Fundamentals

  • What is Retail Management?
  • Retail Functions in Distribution
  • Retailer-Supplier Relationship
  • The Special Characteristics of Retailing
  • Importance of Retail Strategy
  • The Retailing Concept
  • Classification of Retail Institutions
  • Retail Institution by Ownership
  • Vertical Marketing System

Retail Location Strategies & Decisions

  • Why Location is Important?
  • Types of Retail Location
  • Steps involved in choosing a retail location

Retail Merchandising

  • What is Merchandising?
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Merchandise Planning Process
  • Key Components of Merchandise Planning
  • Merchandise Planning Process
  • The Model Stock Plan

Branding & Private Labels

  • Branding & Building a Retail Brand
  • The Retail Value Chain
  • Private Label, Private Label – Evolution
  • Why Private Label?
  • Merchandise Procurement / Sourcing


Service the Retail Customer

  • Kill a Brand, Keep a Customer!
  • Customer Service Defined
  • Customer Service – A USP
  • The Uncovering Customer’s Lifestyle
  • Creating and Recommending Solutions
  • Using Motivating Language
  • Improving the Quality of Customer Service
  • Measuring Gaps in Service
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
  • How CRM Benefits Retailer?
  • Customer Segmentation in Retail

Supply Chain Management in Retail

  • The Basic Supply Chain
  • Framework for Analyzing Issues in SCM
  • Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  • The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking and Monitoring

Supply Chain Management in Retail

  • The Basic Supply Chain
  • Framework for Analyzing Issues in SCM
  • Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  • The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking and Monitoring

Category Management – A Method of Merchandise Management

  • Category Management
  • Components Category Management
  • The Category Management Business Process
  • The Retail Image Factors

The Development of Retail Marketing

  • What is Retail Marketing?
  • Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Strategy and Objectives
  • Market Segmentation
  • Retail Branding
  • The Service Marketing Mix

Retail Selling and Product Classification

  • Retail Selling and Types of Buying Decision
  • Retail Selling and Shopping Motives
  • Retail Selling and the Buying Process
  • Retail Sales Roles
  • Retail Selling and the Promotional Mix
  • Retail Selling and the Internet
  • Introduction to Online Marketing

Retail Management Information System & eCommerce

  • Effect of a Single Customer Transaction
  • Why IT in Retail?
  • Application of IT
  • The Growth and Development of the E-Commerce Market
  • The E-Commerce Consumer
  • E-Tail Store Development
  • E-Fulfilment


Retail Store Design & Visual Merchandising

  • Why Retail Store Design is Important?
  • Elements of Retail Design
  • Interior Store Design (Free-flow Layout, Grid Layout, Racetrack/Loop Layout, Spine Layout)
  • Visual Merchandising

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