Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint

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June 8, 2017


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PowerPoint presentations consist of a number of individual pages or “slides,” with individual slides containing text, graphics, sound, video, or other objects that can be arranged by the presenter. A PowerPoint presentation can be automatically controlled by pre-programming transitions from one slide to another, or manually controlled by a user. Supporters of PowerPoint say the presentation software is easy to use and can save a lot of time for by replacing the need for a variety of different visual aids. Some opponents of PowerPoint argue that the program encourages the reduction of complex ideas into simplified points, while others contend that the program encourages overstuffing presentations with too much information, both of which negatively affect the audience’s experience.


This program is recommended for instructors, business developers, marketer and sales personnel. It is an essentials tools for professional for the act of presentation.


+ Award of Certificate of Proficiency
+ Professional Training Manual


Topics covered in this training course

  • Starting PowerPoint
    • The PowerPoint screen
    • The Microsoft Office button (PowerPoint 2007)
    • The File tab (PowerPoint 2010)
    • The Ribbon
    • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating a Presentation
    • The title slide
    • Typing the title text
    • Changing font size
    • Adding a slide
    • Spacing
    • Using different slide layouts
    • Navigating a presentation
    • Saving a presentation
    • Inserting images
    • Inserting clip art
    • Sizing the picture
    • Moving the picture
    • Rotating the picture
    • Design themes


  • Using the Other Views
    • View buttons
    • Normal view
    • Using the zoom tools
    • Slide sorter view
    • Rearranging, duplicating and deleting slides
    • Notes page view
    • Adding notes
    • Viewing the slide show
  • Editing Text
    • Selecting text boxes
    • Moving and sizing text boxes
    • Formatting text
    • Adding extra text boxes
    • WordArt
    • Adding bullet points
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Customised bullets
    • Picture bullets
    • Changing the bullet indents
    • Spelling
  • Using Shapes
    • Adding a shape
    • Changing the colour
    • Typing text into the shape
    • Shape effects
    • Shape styles
    • Object placement
    • Adjusting shapes
    • The adjustment handle
    • Adding other objects
    • Formatting techniques
    • WordArt for text in shapes
    • Connecting lines
    • Grouping objects


  • Using Outline View
    • Demoting and promoting text
    • Adding text using outline view
    • Converting text to new slides
    • Promoting and demoting text in outline view
    • Moving text in outline view
    • Deleting a slide
    • Adding a slide in outline view
  • Using Pictures
    • Inserting pictures from a file
    • Formatting pictures
    • Removing a background (PowerPoint 2010 only)
    • Compressing pictures
    • Cropping pictures
  • Inserting a Photo Album
    • Creating a photo album
    • Add a caption
    • Change the appearance of a picture
    • Applying a theme to your album
  • Slide Shows
    • Viewing a slide show
    • Timing and transitions
    • Adding animation
    • Changing animation effects
    • Changing animation timing
    • Using the animation pane
    • Changing the animation order
  • Printing
    • Printing options
    • Controlling print colours
    • Printing notes pages
    • Printing handouts
    • Printing the outline


Topics covered in this training course

  • Slide Masters
    • Viewing the slide master
    • Modifying the slide master
    • Inserting dates and times, slide numbering and a logo on all slides
    • Formatting the object area
    • Modifying individual layouts
  • Notes and Handouts
    • The notes master
    • The handout master
  • Inserting Charts
    • Inserting the chart
    • The datasheet
    • Changing the chart type
    • Sizing and moving the chart
    • Changing the style and layout
    • Rotating a chart
    • Formatting the chart
    • Editing the chart data
  • Inserting SmartArt
    • Choosing a SmartArt diagram
    • Creating SmartArt
    • Adding and deleting shapes
    • Changing SmartArt layout
    • Converting text to SmartArt
    • Creating an organization chart
    • Customising shapes
    • Resetting SmartArt
  • Tables
    • Inserting a table
    • Modifying the table
    • Table styles
    • Table borders
    • Drawing a table
  • Editing Clip Art
    • Inserting the picture
    • Ungrouping a picture
    • Changing parts of a picture
    • Removing parts of the picture
    • Adding to the picture
    • Grouping the picture
  • Video
    • Inserting the video
    • Playing the video in normal view
    • Video tools
    • Formatting the video (2010 only)
    • Inserting online videos (2010 only)
  • Motion Paths and Triggers
    • Adding a motion path animation
    • Adding a trigger
  • Importing and Exporting
    • Inserting slides from other presentations
    • Inserting slides from a word document
    • Linking an object in PowerPoint
    • Exporting data to Microsoft Word
  • Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
    • Creating and removing a hyperlink
    • Creating action buttons to make an interactive presentation
  • Advanced Slide Shows
    • Creating a custom show
    • Running a custom show
    • Editing a custom show
    • Setting up a show
    • Slide show controls
    • Broadcasting a slide show (2010 only)
    • Recording timings and narration
  • Package for USB Drive
    • Copy to folder
    • Running the PowerPoint viewer
    • Copy to CD

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