Knowledge Economy Activation Workshop - Unlocking Your Intellectual Capital.

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July 8, 2017
1 Day


18, Afolabi Aina Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.   View map


This program is design for those interested in unlocking wealth in the knowledge driven economy. Knowledge has always been an essential part of human activities: even in so-called “primitive” societies knowledge played a central role. In the Knowledge Economy – You Only Need to Share Your Knowledge with the World and thus, Unlock New Stream of Income and/or Business Opportunities.


Knowledge Economy can be describe as an economy based on creating, evaluating, and trading knowledge. In a knowledge economy, labor costs become progressively less important and traditional economic concepts such as scarcity of resources and economies of scale cease to apply. Simply put, a knowledge economy is driven by intellectual property.


The world has gone from Agriculture Driven Economy, through Industrial Economy to Information Economy and now Knowledge Driven Economy – the knowledge driven economy is being accelerate by technology and the internet. Thus, if you desire to dominate your industry and experience rapid business growth and/or get connected to global knowledge economy grid and activate a Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) Wealth – then this workshop is a must for you.




  • Organization that desire to Unlock Industry KBE Wealth
  • Organization that desire to initiate KBE Marketing Strategic Options
  • Professionals, Consultants and Subject Matter Experts – Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Lecturers, Retired Teachers, Scientists, Programmers, Agriculturist, Religious Experts and Technical Experts.
  • Anyone, who desire to connect to Global KBE Grid and unlock knowledge driven Wealthflow.
  • Individuals that want to understand the various possibilities and opportunities in KBE




At the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Understand and appreciate the Possibilities and Opportunities in the Knowledge Economy
  • Learn How to Create/Develop Innovative KBE Products and Services
  • Learn How to Build Successful Knowledge Economy Business Models
  • Learn How to Distribute and Unlock Wealth from a KBE Products and Solution in the Digital Ages
  • Understand and appreciate KBE Marketing Strategic Options for Business Development
  • More importantly, shall be engaged and assisted practically to create his/her first KBE Product as well as get connected to the Global KBE Grid.


This Program can be customized and deliver as:

  • In-House Program For Company/Institution that want to explore the KBE Marketing Strategic Option for Business Acceleration and Wealth Creation.
  • Government Agency and NGO – that desire to explore the Knowledge Economy Acceleration Options for Job Creation and Economy Empowerment.




The program has been design into two Modules;


MODULE ONE: Fundamental, Possibility and Opportunities

  • Understanding the Concept of Knowledge Economy and Wealth Creation in a KBE
  • Exploring the Business Opportunities in the Knowledge Economy
  • Part-time (Work From Home) Employment Opportunities in a Knowledge Economy
  • Create a Products/Service for the Knowledge Economy – A Step by Step Approach
  • Developing Your Own KBE Wealth Generating Business Model/Portal
  • Activating Plan B Source of Income (Residual Income) in the Global KBE
  • Distributing and Marketing KBE Products and Solution in the Digital Age
  • Getting Connected to Global KBE Grid – Getting Started: A Step by Step Practical Approach
  • Completing Your Knowledge Economy Wealth Activation Plan


MODULE TWO: KBE Marketing Strategy and Advantage

  • KBE Marketing Strategy Fundamentals
  • KBE Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing Initiatives
  • Integrating KBE Marketing Strategy into the Organization Business Development Strategy


 COST:  N40,000


  • Training Manual/Materials
  • Award of Certificate of Participation,
  • Refreshment
  • Opportunities to Network and get Mentors
  • 30days On- going mentorship
  • Discount for group enrolment




Bank: First City Monument Bank Plc (FCMB)

Account Name: SuccessDrive Global Consult Ltd

Account Number: 246 809 3010

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