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May 25, 2017


Kabiru Abiola


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Global financial crises, flu pandemics, unwinable wars, corrupt and failing mega-corporations – we’ve all seen these seemingly intractable problems laid at the doorstep of poor management.
Good managers ensure we all do our part. The best managers may not be the most popular people at the party, often because their casual conversation is peppered with reminders about that dreaded “plan.”
They keep us all on track, pressing forward toward the goal. Good managers operate with unrelenting respect for others. They don’t have all the answers: They know that the best ideas will come from someone else and they encourage and incorporate those at every opportunity.
They do not need to be heroes; they recognize and leverage the strengths of others and find them opportunities to shine. They hold others accountable to their commitments. They give others the right amount of independence (and this is different for everyone they manage, and they know it). They measure and celebrate progress.
They recognize and share the glory as the team delivers on key milestones. When one objective is completed, they move on, with little fanfare, to
the next.
People today often speak of experiencing a “leadership gap.” But what they are actually experiencing is a management gap – something is “missing” between the promises and words of inspiration and the reality in which we find ourselves. The world does not need more people who aspire to greatness through leadership. What it needs are a whole lot more people who aspire to be great managers.
MODULE 1: How To Be A Better Manager
  What Managers Actually Do
  Demostrating Managerial Leadership
  Developing an Effective Leadership Style
  Setting Objectives &  Monitoring Performance
MUDULE 2: Managing Yourself for Improve Productivity
  Organizing Yourself
  Managing Your Time
  Managing Schedule and Priority
  Communicate Better – Assertiveness, Influencing, Persuation and Negotiation
  Office- Politics Good Or Bad?
  Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
MODULE 3: Managing Managers’ Functions – Managing People and Process I
  Budgetary Control
  Organising and Managing Business Resources
  Organizing Other People
  Chairing and Coordinating Meetings
  Supervising and Managing Team Performance
MODULE 4: Managing Managers’ Functions – Managing People and Process II
  How To Delegate
  How To Delight Customers
  How To Develop People
  How To Manage Your Boss
  How To Manage Conflict
  How To Manage Culture
  How To Motivate Your Team
MODULE 5: Managing Projects and Operations
  Establishing and Managing Project Scope
  Managing Project Schedule
  Managing Budget, Risk and Quality
  Managing Stakeholders Expectation
MODULE 6: Getting Organized – Paper Management & e-transactions
   Actionable Paperwork and Reference Paperwork
   Paper flow through the office and Inbox management
   Proficiency in the use of electronic device and optimisation for efficient delivery-sms, email, folder mgt, etc.
MODULE 7: Getting Organized – Task Management
   Organising your To-Dos,
   Managing Multiple To-Do lists,
   Managing To-Do lists on-the-go
   Multi-tasking:coping with Superior assignments and responsibilities
MODULE 8: Getting Organized – Time Management
  Using mind maps to identify and aspire to your goals
  Managing interruptions and distractions
  Saying ‘No’ and prioritising
  Tackling and overcoming procrastination
MODULE 9: Managing Business Challenges
  Managers are employed to solve problems
  Design Thinking For Manager
  Strategic Managers
  Project Management Essentials
  Managerial Competence Modelling
Anyone who wants to be an even better Manager

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