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SDGC present you the unique opportunity to get started with a successful Beauty Therapy Career/Business through an intensive full 10 Days workshop program (100% Practical Illustration).

The beauty therapy and salon business sector is ever booming. In the Nigeria alone, it turns over an estimated N12 Billion a year. With so many new and diverse beauty techniques and treatments constantly being introduced, it’s an exciting and ever-changing sector to work in.

The beauty therapy sector is highly competitive and is increasingly seeking workforce who have not only a diverse range of practical skills but also have a knowledge and understanding of marketing, customer service, human resources and finance. This course will give you a strong foundation for a variety of future careers in beauty therapy including managing a salon or spa, starting your own business or being employed in a sales and marketing role for a beauty product company.


Why should I choose this course?

You will learn the core business and people management skills you’ll need to manage a salon or start your own beauty therapy business.

You will study customer behaviour, beauty techniques and how to deliver the salon experience customers want and expect.

You will enhance your technical beauty therapy skills by incorporating the use of electrotherapy equipment for both face and body.

You will learn to analyse issues that affect the beauty therapy sector and how to respond with effective strategies.


DURATION: 10 DAYS                                              

FEE: N75,000

VENUE:  Ikeja, Lagos 



Beauty Therapy (DAY 1 – 8) Beauty Business Management (DAY 9-10)
Basic Makeup Class

§  Facial Structure

§  Tools of the trade

§  Product awareness (specialty on products for women of colour).

§  Facial Structure/Applications Techniques

§  Ethic of the Profession


Application Techniques for:

§  Foundation and Concealer application

§  Power

§  Eye shadow

§  Eyebrow Definition & Grooming

§  Eye Lining and Mascara techniques

§  Eye lashes

§  Colour Theory and Colour Wheel

§  Lip Techques


Practical Makeup

§  Personal makeup class

§  Bridal Markup

§  Engagement Makeup

§  Photography Makeup

§  Run Way Makeup Analysis

§  Dramatic Smoky Eyes

§  Colour Theory (Technique/Application)

§  Head Gear/ Gele Classes


Skin Care Therapy

§  Skin Preparation

§  Skin Care Analysis

§  Match/Skin Tone


Body Therapy and Massage

§  Facials

§  Sauna

§  Body Massage

§  Full body treatment


Planning Your Business

§  The business plan

§  Phone numbers

§  Websites and email

§  Profit and loss accounts

§  Market research

§  Business objective

§  Mission statement

§  Legal Issue Consideration


Recruitment – Building a Team

§  The process of recruitment

§  Equal opportunities

§  Job advertisements

§  Shortlisting

§  Interviewing

§  Making the job offer

§  Employee rights

§  Inductions

§  Appraisals


Salon Housekeeping

§  Housekeeping

§  Health and safety

§  Salon cleanliness


Your Customers and Their Care

§  Receptionist

§  Trust and confidentiality

§  A clients visit step-by-step

§  Customer Relationship Management


Financial Management

§  Income and expenditure

§  The cash register

§  Petty cash

§  Invoices

§  Accountants


Marketing and Promotion

§  Prospecting and Lead Generation

§  Marketing in Digital Ages

§  Different styles of promotional material

§  Promoting the salon to potential markets

§  Consumer and market research



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